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By George Brandes, March 14, 2011 0 Features

Unlike today, where the powers of 3D graphics have taken over the majority of games, there was a time when the platformer genre ruled the earth. For those who are not familiar with this category of game, the main feature… Read More »

By George Brandes, March 4, 2011 0 Columns

There is no better 8-bit RPG that I know of than Final Fantasy. Back in that era, my mommy was nice enough to hook me up with Nintendo Power subscriptions for a bunch of years. God I loved my little… Read More »

By George Brandes, March 29, 2009 0 Columns

Nothing I witnessed or read attracted me to Dragon Warrior. The game itself provides little visual appeal, and when I think back to the articles written for it in Nintendo Power, nothing about Dragon Warrior really captured my imagination or… Read More »

By George Brandes, March 22, 2009 0 Columns

Today the RPG, or Role Playing Game, is certainly a term most gamers are familiar with. Some of us have even been lucky enough to have the time to plow through many of our favorite RPGs while others quickly gave… Read More »

By George Brandes, January 24, 2009 0 Features

It was not until much later in my life that I had come to the realization that I had played Mike Tyson’s Punch out before I ever owned or rented the game.  I must have been only four or five… Read More »

By George Brandes, January 16, 2009 0 Features

THE REAL LEGEND!  When I was presented with this opportunity to write about "da Old Skool" I severely wracked my brain about which game to leadoff with.  Super Mario Brothers, for the NES, I thought would be the obvious first… Read More »

By George Brandes, January 9, 2009 0 Features

Welcome to OLD SKOOL!  Hello, my name is George, and here at the OLD SKOOL column I am going to take you on a journey through gaming’s past.  Each article will be a combination of videogame review, homage to the… Read More »