CM11.5: LCatGoL, 3DDGH & More

In this concluding part of a two-part Co-op Mode, Jeffrey Matulef hails the return of Lara Croft in Guardian of Light while Sinan Kubba gets to grips with 3D Dot Game Heroes. All this and a little bit more aswell.

2 Responses to “CM11.5: LCatGoL, 3DDGH & More”
  1. Lee says:

    Was the audio split between the left and right channels intentional? It was awful.

  2. Sinan Kubba says:

    Hi Lee – huge apologies for that, it was a mistake on my part in the edit. I know it might be a little late if you’ve listened the whole way through now, but there is a corrected non-stereo version of the file up now instead of the split channel one.

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