S2: Super VIP World

In this, the second Big Red Potion special, Sinan Kubba chairs a not-so-serious debate between Joe DeLia, Ninja Fat Pigeon Xantiriad, Cranky Gamer Dits Symeou, Frugal Gaming‘s Lee, and WiiDS host James Batchelor on what is the very best Mario game of all time.

5 Responses to “S2: Super VIP World”
  1. Joe DeLia says:

    I call shenanigans on the final decision of this podcast. The fix was in from the outset!

  2. Gerren Fisher says:

    I don’t think the fix is in, but I do have to admit there hasn’t been a 3D Mario I’ve actually liked. I respect what they’ve done, but just aren’t that fun to me. Not sure that’s any fault of Nintendo, platformers generally haven’t appealed to me outside of 2D. I’d have thrown my support behind SMB3. But that’s my humble little opinion.

  3. Strident says:

    A really entertaining and fun episode, guys. :) I enjoyed it immensly.

    Seeing as Super Mario 64 is the best Mario game ever, I will now have to go and give it another chance. Although those games with the blue hedgehog do look interesting…

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