18: The Power-up of Celebrity

Are you ready for another fun-packed episode of the Sho & Joe Show? Sinan Kubba and Joe DeLia are joined by freelance games journalist Adam Standing and Julian Toseland from Cranky Gamers.net to discuss gaming celebrities within the industry and mainstream.

One Response to “18: The Power-up of Celebrity”
  1. In regards to Tomb Raider going open-world; I too was skeptical at first, but then remembered that Crystal Dynamics made the fantastic Soul Reaver, which was very much an open-world Tomb Raider albeit with a gothy makeover. It wasn’t that much different than how Tomb Raider has always been, only all the areas were connected and there was a lot of cool secret stuff to find.

    Then again, the few hours I played of Soul Reaver 2 were borderline terrible, so they could still fuck it up. Still, it has been done well in the past and the potential is there.

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