19: Select Female for Degrading

Joe DeLia and Sinan Kubba are joined by Matt Walker and Amanda Kondolojy from the Cheat C4 podcast to talk about sexism in video games. A whole breadth of topics come up, including ESRB ratings, stereotyping, and the specifics of being an interactive medium.

One Response to “19: Select Female for Degrading”
  1. Strident says:

    Listened to episode 19 last night when I couldn’t sleep and really enjoyed the discussion. Joe did an excellent job as host, the sound quality was great (I don’t normally listen using headphones!) and the two guests were top notch… wonderfully verbose, animated and at ease. Switching hosting duties every so often seems a great idea, particularly when one of you has a lot to say on a certain podcast.

    Too tired now to really comment on the episode..,However, I think I am less concerned by the cartoony depiction of women in games like Dead or Alice, where it’s the physical image that is questionable, than I am of the dangerous and degrading stereotypes in games like Saints Row and GTA.

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