22: Reviewers on Reviews – Part 2

This is the second part of the Big Red Potion discussion on video game reviews, with this part concentrating on the perspective of the gaming audience, enthusiast or otherwise. Sinan Kubba and Joe DeLia are joined by GamerNode director Eddie Inzauto and WiiDS’ Jack Smith.

One Response to “22: Reviewers on Reviews – Part 2”
  1. Kropotkin says:

    Some very thought provoking stuff said during these shows. Having consumed game reviews of some sort over the past 27 years or so I think I’ve got a fair handle on how they work. I’ve been everything from the Crash Smash to the infamous ACE Predicted Interest Curve, not to mention it’s marks out of 1000 rating system. Yes you read correctly, ONE THOUSAND.

    As for getting rid of ratings, that’s not really going to fly. Granted we at SuperHappyFunTimeShow Towers do not give a rating when we review a game, but that is based on the concept that such ratings should rest with the profit making outlets and not the independents, such as ourselves. By way of example, many years ago The Edge magazine attempted to drop its rating and ended up being on the receiving end of some very harsh words from its readership. They reinstated them very quickly after their little experiment.

    Keep up the good work. As a recent listener I’m enjoying the debates you have on your show.

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