10: Everybody Hates WoW

Ding! This episode of Big Red Potion is all about World of Warcraft, and the how the gaming community and press relate to it. Joining Sinan Kubba and JoeDeLia are Dangerous Kids host Jeffrey ‘Switch’ Sorensen and Cranky Gamers UK‘s Dits Symeou, a veteran MMO player.

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  1. Eq was released in 1999, Eq2 was released in 2004, you fail to mention Dark Age Of Camelot, Very successful before EQ2′s release which is mainly a pve game. Daoc had the Best RvR system ever created hands down in classic format. Especially for the time since its 2001 release. I personally had 16 level 50′s including a realm rank 10 blade master. The Owner Of Mythic killed the game, due to his greed wanting to create a Space Roman MMO named “imperator”. This took Mythic’s full production team off enhancing the graphic engine for DAOC. Especially after a flopped expansion pack called Trial’s Of Atlantis. Imperator never launched and 3 years were wasted.

    Marc Jacobs also ran the warhammer franchise into the ground, failing to balance certain classe’s right off the bat. This is why he was fired from EA, after selling mythic to them before warhammers release. I know this from other hardcore wow player’s and my own experience. Maxing a black orc character out within a 2 week period on warhammer. Sorc’s / Bright Wizards are what made people get disgusted right off the bat. Aoe Aoe attack, Heal the sorc / bright wizard and your team wins. Warhammer had brilliant design with it’s PQ area’s. Public Quest Zone’s. WoW stole the idea of Queuing for battlegrounds from your main user interface since they saw it was successfully launched with warhammer. I am assuming they possibly will try to steal the PQ idea in the near future.

    In wow, sometimes you cant do certain instances on your server. Or certain friends are not geared enough so you can not do certain heroic instances with them. Certain Instances require certain class makeup’s at max level. They have evolved from that point adding dual spec’s / more tank / healing viable spec’s etc. In catacylsm it is also advertised they are adding multi server looking for group option. Which was suggested since TBC xpack. Blizzard Finally saw the light on that one.

    Also saying WoW is only successful compared to other free mmo’s because of population / other friends playing wow. Is not a good reason for its success. I would base it on simplicity of interface / flow of game. Class balance is okay somewhat, depending you play pve or pvp. MMO games have a double edge sword when it comes to game balancing. Skills / Content is adjusted constantly. Which can be a gamers dream, but in some case’s you get the almighty nerf bat which is a gamer’s nightmare.

    Lineage 2, has a great itemization system with a pretty solid value. Im not a fan of the Bind on Equip pre raid quality gear. I like a more open system such as lineage 2′s. NG, D, C , B , A , S , S80, gear is a great system. That game is actually hardcore. Wow in comparison is a soft core game.

    Blizzard Nerf’s encounters in game to make the game easier over time for the mass public. There has always been Constant Race’s To beat Content Euro vs USA, for World First Kills in Wow. But only limited content has been very diffucult. In Wotlk Expansion, they added achievements / hard mode’s on certain boss encounters. To drop extra loot which enhance characters in raids.

    The problem with why console gamers dont connect with MMO Gamers mainly revolves around the fact. If a MMO gamer puts in more time or has more success with a group they are with. They get an advantage having extra stats to make there skills work better. In a console game / shooters / strategy. Its all about Hand Eye Coordination / Skill. Some Raid Content which requires raids to kill takes alot of effort / skill. But it requires your group have a certain amount of Damage Per Second / Healing Ability. So there is a skill check on coordination / gear “time invested in the game”.

    Pve is even split down into such tier’s. Quests / Instances / Grinding On Mob’s / End Game Raids / Pvp is broken down into Battle Ground Queing / World PvP Zone’s / Arena System. WoW shipped without a PVP system. On release there was no benefit of killing anyone. Most of the time while leveling up if you ran into Horde / Alliance, you would run around and /wave and they would not attack you. It was not until the Grand Marshal System was implemented week by week. Now it is a point grind. You grind for points to buy certain items to enhance your pvp gear. You can not really pve / pvp with the same type of gear you get from raids.

    It is possible to do, but having 900 + resil is an absolute must in pvp arenas especially in the high ranks. It has become very competitive with so called elitists trying to become “Gladiator Ranks” Bragging Rights For Each Season. It requires a descent amount of time. I would say its possible to gain maximum level in WoW within a month and a half, if you are not hardcore. It would than require x amount of time to gear yourself in battlegrounds or with raids. Depending on your luck / friends you meet along the way.

    The game offers a wide variety of game play from PvE to PvP. Im really disgusted of wow due to the fact, the priest class was more effective at healing through pvp damage at level 60 than the current cap of level 80. Soon to be level 85 with the new release of Cataclysm around the corner.

    The warrior class is sadly becoming second rate in pvp, Mortal Strike reduces the amount a target can get healed for x amount of seconds. Even Frost Spec Mage’s have this ability now on there frost bolts. Its utterly ridiculous they might as well put the same ability on, a priest’s smite ability. This is a small example of spec / class balance can effect game play in many ways for pvp.

    I have experienced Other MMO’s max level multi boxing full experiences. Most games though, that I know will fail, I do not bother to try unless there is a free trial.

    I know Joe deep down hated wow with a passion. I was surprised how he said he liked the feel of the game. Cough ” It has potential to be a good game someday” lol.

    Im assuming this is based on not actually being an WoW expert. I am unsure of your other MMO Raiding / End Game experience. Your possibly a wow newb, at best you have to admit you did not get to experience the game at level 40 nor did you even get to experience the expansion packs at all. So i am unsure how you can make these comments with a straight face about wow.

    I would love to debate , MMO issue’s anyday. Hit me up if you Dare!!

  2. Joe says:

    For the record…I didn’t actually hate WoW. I would just never play it again ever for eternity. Despite that, my level 11 character will live on via the interwebs, twiddling his thumbs in the Blizzard vault while I play my Xbox and PS3. That is something that I wouldn’t Dare give up!

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