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Video Game Arcades: Will They Come Back?

By GamerNode Staff, June 29, 2006 0 Features

Video game arcades were once a hot spot for people of all ages in the 80,s. Literally, millions of quarters were spent daily throughout the nation as individuals tried to beat high scores on classics such as Pac Man, Galaga,… Read More »

Pimp My DS

By GamerNode Staff, June 7, 2006 0 Features

One of the disadvantages of the Nintendo DS handheld is its inability to play music and videos, unlike its competitors. Luckily, for DS owners everywhere, Datel has decided to change all that. With Datel,s new MAX Media Dock, you can… Read More »

By GamerNode Staff, June 2, 2006 0 Features

By Jesse Wingert, GN Senior Writer One could say that the GameCube is as dead as a door knob. At first glance, that’s the way the situation appears to be laid out. A new generation for Nintendo is right around… Read More »

Crysis Hype

By GamerNode Staff, April 28, 2006 0 Features

Based off the successor to the Crytek engine (responsible for the awesome Far Cry), Crysis is shaping up to be top notch. There are a lot of rumors flying regarding this game, and we’ve decided to evaluate some of the… Read More »

Graphics Aren''t Everything

By GamerNode Staff, February 9, 2006 0 Features

Looks aren™t everything, according to Perrin Kaplan, vice president of marketing for Nintendo. In an interview given to Forbes Magazine, Kaplan made a point that has been often repeated by next-gen console buyers

Copy Protection: Is it For or Against the User?

By GamerNode Staff, January 31, 2006 0 Features

StarForce, a company which develops and sells copy protection software, is involved in a fray with internet blogsite, for allegedly making false accusations against the StarForce product. Starforce has threatened to take legal action against and has contacted… Read More »