Crysis demo: more hidden goodies abound

CrysisIn the week since the release of the long-awaited Crysis demo, a lot has happened. First the entire game was found in the demo’s files, then it was found that graphical features that were purportedly Vista and DX10 exclusive were available in Windows XP with a little config file editing.

Now, someone buggering around in the level editor has managed to find and spawn every single weapon and vehicle from the rest of the game inside the demo level. There are rifles, assault rifles, tanks, boats, planes, helicopters and even the aliens, with somewhat limited AI.

To access the weapons and vehicles you’ll have to download a custom version of the level from the demo with the added weapons, vehicles and aliens. You can find the map over at the 4th Dimension Crysis Forums but just remember that it contains what is thought to be all of the weapons, vehicles and aliens from the entire game, so it might spoil the game for you.

[via RPS]


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