The Q: What's your greatest gaming achievement?

Daily QOn Saturday, I posted what I thought may very well be the greatest videogame achievement I have ever seen — a perfect performance of Dragonforce’s Through the Fire and Flames on expert difficulty in Guitar Hero III. That got me to thinking about my own gaming achievements, wondering if I have ever accomplished something even one-tenth as amazing as that guy. That led me to today’s Daily Q:

What is the single greatest feat that you have accomplished in your gaming career?

I’ve thought about this a little bit, but I find it difficult to come up with a clear winner. Of my gaming achievements, I’m not exactly sure which are perceived as the most difficult, and none stick out like a sore thumb. I’ll rack my brain for long-lost memories of glory, but for now, here are a few that I’d imagine others might find impressive:

I can TKO Mike Tyson in Punch Out!! without getting hit.
I’ve beaten the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NES game.
I scored a BAJILLION points in one session in Tony Hawk 2.
I filled the sphere grid in Final Fantasy X.

If I can think of any more, I’ll throw them in the comments section. Until then, that’s about as much as my mind can scrape up. I know you guys can do better.

[Eddie Inzauto]


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