Darksiders II Wii U details revealed

Among the 23 titles confirmed for the Wii U launch lineup on November 18, THQ’s Darksiders II will give Wii U console owners a chance to play as one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Darksiders II for the Wii U will feature bonus content that was not available on the other consoles, including past downloadable content.

“Argul’s Tomb,” DLC for Darksiders II, was downloadable for gamers with pre-order copies. Those who purchase a copy of Darksiders II for the Wii U will have the DLC available on the game disc. “Argul’s Tomb” features new weapons, armor, three new dungeons and a new part of the world to explore.

Three new side quests for the campaign are featured in the “Death Rides” Pack. New legendary armor and weapon choices early in the game will be included in the “Angel of Death” and “Shadow of Death” packs.

For those who did play the game on other consoles and felt that Death’s steed Despair was a little slow for world travel, THQ is releasing the “Deadly Despair” Pack, which gives Despair a boost in speed.

The most interesting and unique change in Darksiders II being made available on the Wii U is the implementation of the Gamepad to access inventory and abilities.

The Wii U’s Gamepad will also give gamers the chance to play Darksiders II on a TV or on the Wii U’s GamePad if they want to see the action up close.

Darksiders II is a fun, amazing title for the other consoles, and there should be no doubt that the unique options presented on Nintendo’s Wii U will give an entirely new gameplay experience.


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