God of War director talks new Mad Max game

madmaxRemember when Cory Barlog, game director of the God of War series, left SCEA? We all wondered what he’s going to do and if the God of War series will remain intact.

Over on Level Up, Newsweek’s editor N’Gai Croal revealed that Barlog will be collaborating with Mad Max creator, writer and film director George Miller on a new Mad Max action/adventure game, which will coincide (hopefully) with the long awaited fourth Mad Max film; Mad Max: Fury Road.

Miller talked about how both video games and movies, as an entertainment medium, are being blurred together to provide an excellent experience. For example, the director talked about his experience with Team Ico’s action/adventure game Ico.

"So what I’m saying is, just as movies are moving towards games, games are going to be moving towards movies, where that balance is going to be less–that sort of balance towards action over character, and any character or story is basically in support of the action sequences.

…Ico, yeah. Well there’s an example… that was a really great example of a game where a character had moral choice and quite often you didn’t even know what the consequences of those were until you got to the end. Which is no different from classic drama. And when I started to sort of hear and get a taste of those sort of games, I began to say, ‘Holy cow, it’s all heading in the right direction,’ Except games, by definition in a sense, are more immersive for the audience."

Obviously at this point, game details are scarce, but melee weapons, projectile weapons and vehicles will be key components in the game. So what can you picture the game’s landscape will be? A vast, sandbox open game world or a platform-like God of War visceral action game?


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