God of War Goes to Sony Greatest Hits

Sometimes, procrastination pays off in its own strange way. Take for instance, the smash hit for the PS2, God of War. This game has won numerous awards and acclaim for its superb graphics, great action and terrific story. What has this have to do with procrastination? Not for the game, but for the gamer. Those of us who waited, or never got around to buying this fantastic game will be rewarded. God of War will be entering Sony’s Greatest Hits List. For the frugal Sony fan, this can only mean one thing—the game is selling at a cheaper price! Titles which enter this high stratosphere of elitism are immediately discounted in price to make the titles more accessible in price point. In the past, games that attained Greatest Hits status had to sell at least 1 million copies. Later this was slipped down to 500,000 in sales. At the moment, each game title is reviewed on a “case-by-case” basis. The move by Sony to create this line of bargain games is a good one as it extends the life of popular games by reducing the MSRP to $19.99. The “Hits” series has proved popular with those on a tight budget. In addition to the announcement of God of War entering the Sony GH list, Gran Turismo 4 was also inducted into the GH category. Hmmm, maybe if we're patient enough, we'll see The Godfather and Black on that list eventually.


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