GoldenEye returns?


A recent update to an animator’s resume has shed some light on what possibly could be a new GoldenEye game in development for the Wii, with the potential for Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

The animator in question was Craig Peck, who works at Eurocom Entertainment Software. Having previously developed Quantum of Solace for various platforms in 2008, it would seem that Eurocom’s next Bond project will involve a Wii release and a return to the world of GoldenEye.

The resume — now removed from Peck’s website — contained this writing:

"Eurocom Entertainment Software, Derby, United Kingdom: July 09 – Sept 09 Animator – GoldenEye 2010 (Wii) – Animator on Activision’s James Bond series for the Nintendo Wii."

Apart from a previous confirmation by Activision that a new Bond game is in the works, no official word has been released regarding Peck’s slip. The removal of Peck’s website appears to lend some credibility to seeing Bond in action against the nefarious Alec Trevelyan once more, but we’ll just have to wait until more solid information is known.

The original GoldenEye 007 was developed by Rare and was released for the Nintendo 64 system in 1997. Based on the Bond flick, GoldenEye, it was credited for popularizing split-screen deathmatch multiplayer games for console systems. Praised for its varied objectives and multi-tiered gameplay elements, it remains a classic to this day, and is featured in multiple best games of all time lists.



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