Guild Wars 2 officially unveils the Mesmer

The second mesmer screenshot.

Two days ago, a video of the eighth and final profession for Guild Wars 2 was leaked onto the internet. Now, ArenaNet has officially unveiled and detailed the return of one of Guild Wars‘ original six professions to the sequel, the mesmer.

In the world of Guild Wars, a mesmer is a magical duelist that relies upon the use of illusions and mantras, causing confusion and deception amongst his or her enemies. With the ability to create clones, teleport, make themselves and allies invisible, and more, it’s incredibly difficult to pin mesmers down. By the time a foe does, it may be too late.

Mesmers are capable of creating two different types of illusions: clones and phantasms. Clones are copies of their caster, including name and behavior, but have low health and damage output. Phantasms can cause more damage and posses more health, but only resemble their caster aesthetically as they carry special illusionary weapons.

Mantras are a two-part spell. The first is a long-casting that activates the mantra, replacing it with an instant-casting skill that the mesmer can use without interrupting other skills it casts.

Other abilities specific to the mesmer include shattering, where players can destroy their illusions for a secondary effect like extra damage and stunning nearby enemies, and inflicting the confused condition. This stackable condition will cause an opponent to deal damage to itself whenever it activates one of its own skills.

A mesmer has a fairly competent arsenal as well. Players will be able to equip swords and scepters to their main hand, staffs and greatswords for a two-handed approach, and focuses, pistols, swords, and torches for off-hand use.

For more details on the mesmer and a pair of wallpapers, head to the profession’s page on the Guild Wars 2 website. As for the skill video and screenshots, both can be found below.


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