HDTV in 3D? We sure hope so…

3d glassesBoom baby. Remember when 3D glasses were cool? Me neither. They were always stupid looking and made the picture quality look like a coloring book. Well as of last Friday, Texas Instruments just brought HD to the 3D glasses world… or did they bring 3D to HD…huh…

TI (No, not the rapper) brought close to 30 people into a trailer to show off the new technology. This technology is so new, the Consumer Electronics Association hasn’t even caught wind of it.

If you’ve ever experienced High Definition television, then you already know how much of a difference it makes on both the television viewing experience and gaming. Now think about this HD Realism in a 3D environment.

The door opens for an unthinkable experience. Imagine playing Gears of War with the bullets whizzing by your head. There will be no more denying headshots, if you see the bullet hit you in the forehead.

Or think about an even more frightening thought of BioShock in 3D with surround sound, with the lights out. Just the thought of that gives me the chills.

But just like HD, HD3D won’t be able to magically turn things into HD, or 3D, if it isn’t filmed that way. So if you get it now, you’re going to have extremely limited 3D content.

Hold your breath people, the gaming industry could be making an awesome turn very soon.

[Via Mysanantonio]


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