Heavens tremble, Diablo III announced!

Diablo 3The day has finally arrived where the ice melts away and the heavens peer down on our planet with eyes filled with hate and destruction. At last the legends are true, the coming of a new generation of Diablo will tie gamers down to their PCs for years of gaming ecstasy.

The almighty Blizzard has announced with its voice of grandeur the next coming of a game that will sell millions of copies on the first day of release. The time for Diablo III is here.

There were doubters (yes everyone point at me) and there were people who leaked information onto the powerful gossip machine we call the Internet, but in the end, when the game is announced from the mouth of Blizzard, it just has to be true.

Can you hear that? Thats the sound of hundreds of pants being washed in the washer because of what this announcement has done to many gamers across the world. So in case you haven’t seen what all the excitement is about, I present you with a gameplay trailer that will no doubt make you smile gleefully.

[flash width="480" height="392"]http:/www.gametrailers.com/remote_wrap.php?mid=35662[/flash]


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