id Software's Rage to feature co-operative online play.

In an interview conducted by Game Informer, id Software’s Tim Willits confirmed that the company’s Tech 5 powered marriage of first person gunplay and arcade racing, Rage, will feature co-operative gameplay.

However, because the game is considerably more free roaming than the straightforward first person shooters the developer has created in the past, the manner in which players will take on whatever menacing foes that cross their path will differ from its incredibly popular Doom and Wolfenstein games.

"With Live or the PS3 network you don’t want to play the whole game with someone else, because it’s a 20+ hour game," said Willits. "You stop and start at different times, so we want to set the co-op to be more like WoW cooperative, where you can go and do missions together, some guy may have a mission you need to do so you can go help him out, so it will be more limited like that where the cooperative is more discreet. What that allows players to do is sit down, load up Xbox Live, find someone and go and do those missions."

If the length of the game is twenty hours and beyond, it’s most definitely a wise move on id’s part to make co-operative play a reality by allowing players to select which missions they prefer to complete with a buddy without halting their own progress because a friend isn’t present at a particular moment to play.

[Via Game Informer]


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