Journalist grows balls, mocks Activision

WSJThis happens so infrequently I am honored to present it to you. You may have already seen the video where Activision is showing off Guitar Hero World Tour for the first time. I honestly passed right over it not caring about GHWT. We should call it what it is, and that’s a rip off of Rock Band.

Anyway, getting back to my point, the first 22 seconds of this video is amazing. I don’t want to ruin the fun, or the timing so I’ll let you click ahead to watch. Too often journalists just sit tight with their mouths shut while PR is spewed upon them, especially at events where big companies are showing their major products. This woman, however, has giant balls and embarrasses a representative of the largest videogame publisher. Watch and you might just learn something.

I am sorry this video wasn’t brought to yours or my attention earlier. I should learn to pay more attention to the Wall Street Journal I guess. Most of the video is awful, but those first 22 seconds are pure gold.





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