Live: Fight Night Round 3 Demo

During Microsoft’s keynote speech at the CES show, Peter Moore announced that Xbox live would be hosting a demo of the beautiful Fight Night Round 3. Shortly after announcing the demo’s presence, Al Bernstein, ESPN and Showtime boxing announcer, stepped forward. *DING DING DING DING* Out came two giants from each side of the stage. “In this corner we have Bill Gates,” said Bernstein, “and in this corner we have Steve Ballmer.” The two Microsoft executives fought it out on a big screen, showing the the crowd what to expect. Bill Gates gave the final blow to Steve Ballmer, which in turn sent Balmer’s controller flying across the stage. Ballmer getting upset after a loss, who woulda thunk it? The audience remained in awe as Bill gates wrapped up the speech. Unfortunatley, attendees weren’t shown any Halo 3 footage, but Fight Night Round 3 really showed them what the Xbox 360 has under the hood…err, panel. The Demo of EA’s Fight Night round 3 is now available on Xboxlive Marketplace. To watch the Microsoft’s speech during CES Click HERE


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