New HDTV line from Philips

The recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) held in Las Vegas displayed a plethora of electronic gadgets, devices, and appliances. For gamers who are seeking a good HDTV for their game consoles, Philips’ 7000 FlatTV series may be the solution.

We spoke with Philips National Training Manager/Philips HDTV Expert, John Morog, about the new line of televisions and asked him a few questions about the new products.


GamerNode: What makes the 7000 FlatTV line of HDTV a good choice for gamers? What are the advantages over other HDTVs from other brands?

Morog: The 7000 series features state-of-art video processing (motion estimation, motion compensation) with a 120 Hz refresh rate. Additionally, the advanced Ambilight feature – available on the 7603 series – captures the colors and action on the screen and provides well-balanced light behind the TV set. This leads to more immerse gaming with colorful, dynamic lighting surrounding the television.

GN: Gamers are generally pretty demanding as far as the graphics of their games. How will the FlatTV line address this need?

Morog: The addition of 120Hz ClearLCDTM technology in the 7000 series improves the shadow detail and black levels in dark scenes while greatly diminishing motion artifacts. Philips’ 120Hz ClearLCD technology provides razor-sharp moving images with an ultra-fast motion response time of two milliseconds. By doubling the picture refresh rate from the standard 60Hz, these sets deliver swift, streak-free action – elevating image quality and clarity.

GN: What sorts of inputs will the FlatTV line have as far as HDMI, component, S-video, audio etc.

Morog: In addition to component and S-video connectivity, the 7000 series offers four HDMI 1.3a inputs with built-in consumer electronics control (CEC) for the cleanest, clearest digital signal.

GN: Any price info yet? Will it be affordable and competitive in pricing?

Morog: MSRPs range from $1,699 to $2,799 on the Philips 7000 series.

Another interesting item that was displayed at CES was the Active Crystals line of headphones especially geared towards women.

GN: Why did Philips decide to make a specific product for women? Are they acknowledging that woman are playing a significant role in listening to music and playing handheld game consoles such as the PSP and DS?

Morog: Consumer insight studies have shown a desire among women to make technology a fashion item. The result is the Active Crystals range which takes everyday technology items such as headphones and storage devices and fuses them into aesthetic design to make them fashionable.

Our thanks to Eric Kline of MediaLink Worldwide for setting up the interview for us.


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