Nintendo has no competitors, says George Harrison

George HarrisonIn a recent interview with The Motley Fool, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications George Harrison was quick to dismiss the notion that there is any sort of competition between the Big N and either Sony or Microsoft.

With an analogy that is perfectly befitting the style Nintendo’s public relations has cultivated over the years, he answers just exactly who is a bigger threat to Nintendo; Sony or Microsoft:

"Neither. Consider three 30-something suburbanites. On a Saturday morning, two of them drive their big SUVs into a tire shop to buy big new chrome rims. The third is home online, doing product comparisons to figure out which hybrid he wants to buy.

You can say that all three are involved in the "auto improvement" business at that moment … but it’s unlikely the interests of the first two and the hybrid shopper are ever going to overlap. That’s how we see the "video game business" right now. Two companies are going in one direction, and we’re headed in another."

Ok, so Nintendo is taking a different route than the other console manufacturers? Is that what you’re saying, George?

Like I said, classic Nintendo PR.



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