Pro Tip: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

I finally, finally, finally got to put some time into Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 yesterday. Although I think they should change the name of the game to "Creighton dies a lot" I loved it. The game has been sitting on my shelf all wrapped up since its release and it felt good to finally play it. 

Having not played a tactical shooter like Rainbow Six since I completed Vegas at the end of 2006, jumping back into the swing of things took some getting used to and so I bring you this weeks Pro Tip.

Pro Tip: Seriously, the tactical commands are not just for show; use them.

I have been playing games with a more frenetic pace lately; Halo, Turok, Army of Two, Fronlines… just to name a few. It took me some time to get used to not only the controls, and use of the cover system, but the pace.

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is a much slower paced game than any of the ones listed above. Don’t expect to barge into a room and start shooting, because it’s going to hurt and you’re going to die. I learned that the hard way. First mission I was all gung ho about kicking in doors and shooting some terrorists. Probably the worst thing I could have done.

In Vegas 2 all of the tactical controls are d-pad buttons, making everything super easy to access. Stacking your guys along the door or moving them into position is as easy as pressing A. I wouldn’t lie to you. You’ll find that if you just bust into rooms running and gunning you’re going to die a lot, and quickly. This isn’t Halo; there are no rechargeable shields. There is only death.

Having your men tossing flash bangs or smoke grenades will keep you covered and keep you alive. Using the snake camera under doors and marking targets will ensure that the baddies are taken out quickly and efficiently.

Once I settled into R6V2, everything I learned in GRAW and my first tour in Vegas came flooding back: moving from cover to cover, tossing smoke grenades, using thermal vision, staying quiet, and playing distraction at one door while my men entered through the other door. That last tactic isn’t quite as funny to watch as the Agro in Army of Two, but it’s just as effective.

Heed my warning. Stack up on the doors, and use the d-pad controls. You’ll thank me when you’re not dying.

[Creighton DeSimone]


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