Sony: "We listened to the consumers" about price

PS3 and BoxWhen PS3 was released last year, the first words out of everyone’s mouth were, "It’s too expensive! Lower the price, damn it!" The cumulative screams heard around the world were all in unison-from the press to the public.

And Sony’s response was to try to convince people that they were getting more value for the money spent.

While this was probably true in a feature per dollar sense, it still was a pretty big price tag to swallow at $599. But now, it seems that Sony has come around and has responded to the calls for a less expensive PS3 with price drops for their 80GB version and the new stripped down 40GB model.

Ray McGuire, Sony’s UK managing director says that Sony is addressing this issue, according to

"They’re saying the thing that’s stopping them is the entry price. We’ve listened and worked on two products to get people into the marketplace with two different sets of attributes."

McGuire thinks that the new low pricing of the 40GB PS3 will help to turn around the negative image of the PS3 as being too pricey and not worth the money.

"People’s perception of us will be determined by the offers and services that we provide. If the product was too expensive for them, of course they’re going to feel ‘anti’, but now that it is in reach I imagine there will be some changing of attitudes."

So will the lower price of the 80GB PS3 and "cheap" 40GB PS3 finally give the boost to PS3 sales? The final answer will be made apparent this Christmas season as Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony duke it out for sales supremacy.



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