Splinter Cell 4 Update

If you weren’t aware of it, "Splinter Cell 4’s" teaser website (www.bewaresamfisher.com) has all the new pics and gloss posted there for the up-and-coming addition to the Splinter Cell series. Ubi Soft’s promised "new breed of gameplay" is also revealed in the teaser pictures, pinning game star Sam Fisher as a bank robber. Now this was hard for me to swallow, being a big Sam Fisher fan, knowing that the special forces’ cool, calm and highly-skilled operative had turned to robbing banks was a bit, well, both far-fetched and disappointing. What on Earth are they thinking? Pictures on the site show Sam Fisher in full mug shot action, with a shaved head and an afternoon shadow. Where’s the stylish military "short back and sides?" From the very limited information available it seems players will be swapping teams to the ‘bad guys’ and taking on the police instead of helping them. So instead of seeking out secret political information or slinking into the shadows of data corporations, our man will be picking locks, blowing safes and yelling "stick-em-up!" If you’re not sure why he’d turn like he has, check out the website and read the ‘picture story’ of events which tell the story of his change in character.


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