Square Enix looks to expand overseas market

Square EnixWhat happens when you start dominating in your own country–you want to dominate the world. David Beckem is no different with his transition over to US Soccer, nor were the Nazis any different in World War II when they… you know… tried to take over the world.

So naturally, Square Enix is trying to reach its imperialistic little fingers over seas too.

Square Enix is planning on increasing overseas sales from the 10 to 20 percent it is now, to 50 percent of their overall revenue within the next three years. They know they can’t do it alone and are actively seeking out a partner in US and Europe.

One of the reasons for the big move is that there is a shift in the gaming market. Whereas the market in Japan has reached a plateau of sorts, the US market is going through a rapid boom.

A secondary goal of Square Enix is to try to increase its online gaming. This is natural, due to the capabilities of consoles across the board.

Hopefully an expansion will mean that the US won’t have to wait longer to play great games like the ones Square Enix has been putting out in the past.

via FT


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