Square Enix's prez calls the Wii a toy

WadaYoichi Wada, the powerful president over at castle Square Enix called the Nintendo Wii a "toy". A toy compared to the competition makes it sound like the Wii is a gimick or a fad. I had the exact same thought of the Nintendo Wii before it was released, when all we knew about it was its name and its "remote-like" controller.

I honestly told myself and others that Nintendo was taking a very big risk in changing how games were meant to be played.

Mr. Wada clarifies his statement by saying "Nintendo seems to place a great emphasis on Wii Sports and Fit rather than Zelda, a role-playing game. In my opinion, if they expose the functions in this way, they are making the Wii look like a toy."

True the Nintendo Wii is lacking in the RPG department, action-adventure, fighters, and first/third person shooters, but you can get fit on it! Never before has the competition been so cut-throat, with each console capitalizing on something true and unique to its own. But is the Nintendo Wii really pushing its innovation to the max?

There are certainly a handful of great Wii games that really use the Wiimote and nunchuck to its advantage, but almost all of those games were developed from Ninendo directly. Are third party developers still unsure about the direction the Nintendo Wii might be taking? Is it really going to end up as just a toy? I believe it is up to Nintendo to entice third party developers and show them how successful games made specifically for the Wii can be. I’m sure gamers are getting a bit tired and frustrated with the games that are ported from the 360 or PS3 with tacked on Wii controls.


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