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VP Peter Moore of Microsoft Says No HD-DVD Games for 360

By GamerNode Staff, January 6, 2006 0 GN

When the announcement was made about an external HD-DVD device being available for the Xbox 360, many of us assumed and were looking forward to HD-DVD games to be coming down the pike. But Microsoft’s vice president of worldwide marketing,… Read More »

VP of Marketing at Microsoft Paints Rosy Picture for Xbox 360

By GamerNode Staff, January 5, 2006 0 GN

Peter Moore, vice president of worldwide marketing for the Xbox, predicted a rosy and bright future for the Xbox 360 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Moore stated that there will be at least 50 new Xbox 360… Read More »

Live: Fight Night Round 3 Demo

By GamerNode Staff, January 5, 2006 0 GN

During Microsoft’s keynote speech at the CES show, Peter Moore announced that Xbox live would be hosting a demo of the beautiful Fight Night Round 3. Shortly after announcing the demo’s presence, Al Bernstein, ESPN and Showtime boxing announcer, stepped… Read More »

Microsoft: Xbox 360 to Have External HD-DVD Drive

By GamerNode Staff, January 5, 2006 0 GN

Stunning more than a few insiders today at the CES in Las Vegas, keynote speaker and Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates announced that an external HD-DVD drive would be available later this year for the Xbox 360. This marks a major… Read More »

GameFly Swats Customers for Damaged Xbox 360 Game Disks

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

Reports have been trickling in from around the country about the Xbox 360 having a defect in which game disks are scratched by the machine. The damage renders the game disk unplayable. The possibility for a scratched disk is increased… Read More »

Advanced Warfighter Delayed

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

Gamers, I’ve got good news, and bad news. The bad news is, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the PC, PS2, Xbox, and Xbox360 has been delayed until February 2006. The good news is, I just saved a bunch of money… Read More »

Quake 4's Framerate Feels the Burn

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

Complaints have been pouring in about Quake 4 for the Xbox360. The game suffurs from a very unstable framerate, and some users have experienced lock-ups and crashes. The game’s unstable framerates come as a surprise to many, especially considering how… Read More »

More Details on Double Agent

By GamerNode Staff, December 31, 2005 0 GN

More details have been released from Ubisoft about their upcoming release, Splinter Cell ” Double Agent. As the name suggests, Sam Fisher will be working as an agent for two organizations: The National Security Administration for the US, and the… Read More »

Rumor Surfaces About HD-DVD for Xbox 360 in 2006

By GamerNode Staff, December 30, 2005 0 GN

By Frank Ling, GN Writer Thursday, December 29, 2005 There™s an old saying that says good things come to those who wait. This may hold true for those who have not gotten into the hype and frenzy of getting an… Read More »

The 360 Goes Where No One Has Gone Before

By GamerNode Staff, December 28, 2005 0 GN

Yes sir. This car is fully equipped with surround sound stereo, CD player, GPS, automatic positioning seats and a Xbox 360. Will that be cash or charge? A car dealer may soon offer you the latest in video game consoles… Read More »