The Apple-Valve iConsole: more than just a rumor?

After lots of speculation about Valve’s “Steam Box” being altogether squashed, it seems gamers finally have a bit of news to keep their hopes alive.

Today, Apple Insider posted from an anonymous source that Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted at the headquarters of Valve Corporation in Bellevue, WA. While this is not yet a confirmed visit, our heads are spinning with the thoughts of Valve and Apple getting together to take on the console wars.

Steam and Apple’s App Store work similarly, and the union of these two powerhouses could be the breath of fresh air that the next generation (or the generation after) will need. Both companies have revolutionized how we think of media distribution, and a collaboration would be no different.

Could this finally be the birth of the first discless home console? Might this be a new kind of system unlike anything we’ve ever seen or imagined? Or was Tim Cook just heading to Valve for a rousing game of table tennis?

Only time will tell.

[Apple Insider]


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Mike is a gamer, writer and pretzel muncher. He plays on Easy, rarely completes side quests, and hates himself for relying on walkthroughs.

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