The Others Video Review

The Others review

Score: 4 out of 5The Others is an asymmetric game of miniatures combat between a team of 1-4 heroes and their enemy: a single player controlling an avatar of sin and its minions. It’s designed by Eric M. Lang and published by CMON Limited.

Players work together to move around the modular map in one of 7 scenarios, cleansing the city and fighting monsters while trying to accomplish a series of goals specific to their current mission. Diverging paths within each mission allow players a choice in the objectives they must complete, as the sin player tries to squash them.

The Others employs a variety of interesting and original game mechanics that work very well for this type of game. The turn structure is exciting, as the sin player interjects with actions at will throughout each round. Fights between players¬†center around simultaneous dice rolling and efficient resolution with custom dice for each side of the battle, making for smooth and dynamic combat. And the interplay between the heroes’ corruption and health tracks allows for tactical decisions with trade-offs between benefits and disadvantages of every choice.

There’s a lot to like in The Others. For fans of this genre, it’s definitely worth checking out.

A look at the Miniatures: 1:11
Gameplay Explanation: 3:34
Eddie’s Final Thoughts: 22:46
Verdict and GN Rating: 29:10

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