Wii catching up to Xbox 360 sales

Wii salesWe all love stats pertaining to console sales (well, I do, at least) because it automatically allows us (the consumers) to rip on the mega console manufactures for any poor sales. In other words, us fan boys can shove numbers pertaining to our beloved console into the face of any competition.

According to the latest global console sales figures on VGChartz, the "next-generation" console war is still in full force with the Xbox 360 at the top with 10.13 million units sold.

But trailing behind (not far behind, mind you) is the Nintendo Wii with 8.85 million units sold. Unfortunately at the very end is the PlayStation 3 with just 3.61 million units sold.

Considering the overwhelming technological advances the Xbox 360 has over the Wii, even that hasn’t slowed down the sales for the Wii. It looks like people are eagerly picking up the Wii for its games and easy-to-pick-up controls.

In addition, most of the sales for the Xbox 360 is from America (over 6.4 million units) while the Wii has consistent sales from across the world — 2.9 million from Japan, 3.6 million from America and 2.4 million from everywhere else. This easily shows that most of the world is embracing the Wii while only one major part of the world is hugging the Xbox 360.

Lastly, this shows that even though the Wii was launched a year after the Xbox 360, it’s catching up rather quickly in sales. Is Microsoft sweating a little bit? Microsoft is trying to convince shoppers over to the Xbox 360 by extending the warranty to 3 years — Nintendo is hopeful that it can capitalize on any lingering consumers.


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