Wii game sales dominate but not as much in Japan

WiiThe Nintendo Wii is dominant. How dominant you ask? According to Nintendo’s figures, worldwide sales of the Wii as of December 31, 2007 reached 20.13 million units. In terms of software, sales reached 113 million units showing an attach rate of 5.6. That is a pretty strong attachment rate, but remember that is only the average.

In America the attach rate is higher with 6.9, and in Europe closer to 5.6. Where Wii software sales seem to be at a lower than expected plateau is Japan, with an attach rate of only 3.6. Approximately five million Wii consoles have been sold in Japan which isn’t bad at all, but only 16.8 million software sales . This is especially strange because unlike in America and Europe, no game was bundled with the Japanese version. So what are all the Japanese gamers playing then? The Nintendo DS of course!

Hardware Sales for 1/14 – 1/20 (Japan)

* DS: 91,000
* Wii: 76,000
* PSP: 65,000
* PS3: 32,000
* PS2: 13,000
* Xbox 360: 4,400

Yeah, another 91,000 DS’ sold this week alone. Along with the 10-15 DS games that are pumped out each week in Japan, the DS is just everywhere there! You would think it would stagnate, just a bit, but oh no it’s still going incredibly strong.

[via videogamer]



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