Wii picked to go all the way this season

Wii LogoThe old prediction that the Wii would fade away, after its new technology lost its edge, has gone right out the window.

The new outlook has the Nintendo Wii coming out on top. BrandIntel, a market research company, analyzed over 400,000 blogs, forums, and social networking (Myspace, Facebook) comments.

After a pounding headache and 12 bottles of aspirin, they found that more and more gamers plan on buying a Wii than anything else.

BrandIntel Vice President Alan Dean explains it by saying, "Nintendo has been able to successfully target a new audience of casual gamers which opened up new revenue opportunities for the company."

The fact of it is, these days it’s not about owning one console. With the gaming generation growing up, you will see consumers with multiple gaming systems. And with the Wii appealing to a larger demographic, it will reap in more sales.

In a related research, Dean also warns that the PlayStation 3 is acknowledged as the most powerful machine, but is losing audience due to high price and lack of games.

The people have spoken, now lets put our money where our mouths are and see what happens.


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