$1 million advance for Mac to get Half-Life 2

hl2Macs have never been known for gaming. At all. In fact, when I bought my brand spanking new MacBook Pro I came to terms with myself that I would lose my computer gaming, a decision that was a lot like having to put down your dog. Not happy times.

Naturally the boys over at Apple want a slice of the gamer pie (presumably an apple pie). What better title to port over than Half-Life 2, right? Valve thought so too.

Valve is demanding a $1 million advance payment from whomever is going to do the port. Yeah… and how exactly do they expect anyone but them to make money off that? Mac gamers are close to non-existent. The game is about 2 years old. There’s nothing that would bring a mass of gamers to buy this game.

I guess this is Valve’s way of saying "No. You can’t have our franchise on the Mac."


Via [Kotaku]


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