25 GTA IV questions answered

For those who are still suffering from GTA IV fever, here is some prescription Sudafed that’ll clear it up. Game Informer got its hands on a 15-minute presentation of GTA IV and answered 25 fan-submitted questions. Ranging from lack of airplanes, better pedestrian AI, climbing telephone poles and lack of load times, you’ll get your fill of information till the game actually gets released. Here are some pointers:

  • Airplanes are out, helicopters are in. Flying missions are still present in the game. Boats are included too.
  • There are female pedestrians (I don’t know why this was asked, but it was). Pedestrians in general speak a lot more too.
  • Season progression is unclear but time of day progresses.
  • In a demonstration of the enhanced AI, a truck driver accidentally swerved onto the sidewalk where the player was and apparently this took even the Rockstar representatives by surprise too.
  • Niko could climb telephone poles; animations were very well done.
  • Looks like buying property is changed.
  • Girlfriends are back.
  • One new carjacking animation/action is breaking car windows. Extra emphasis on the cool breaking window animation too. Also the driving camera perspective has been changed–compared to Midnight Club.
  • No countryside like San Andreas–could be planned as a future download though.
  • Characters from past GTA games will appear, it’s unknown whom though.
  • Apparently going to the gym and eating may have been cut. It’s unclear if getting haircuts or buying clothes have been axed either.
  • No load times.
  • The visuals are seemingly better than the trailer and are getting improved all the time.
  • Game length should be on par like previous GTA games, also multiplayer will add replay time. I invested well over 100+ hours in San Andreas, so it’s relative.

GTA IV ships for the Xbox 360 and PS3 on October 16. We hope.

[via GTA4.net]


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