300,000 signatures and Time Splitters 2 HD could happen

Timesplitters 2 HD

Cevat Yerli, president of TimeSplitters developer Crytek has stated in an interview that with enough signatures to an online petition, a TimeSplitters 2 HD remake may be financially viable.

Speaking about a recent online petition expressing interest in a TimeSplitters HD collection, Yerli said, “If the petition picks up it will be an even better argument for us.”

He then added that “at a personal level, I’m a big fan of TimeSplitters 2. For me, I would love to see the game out there, as a newborn HD version or what not”.

“The case of turning this into a business decision is still difficult,” said Yerli. However, he confirmed the possibility of such a project if enough signatures were put online:

“There’s a very hardcore market that is very verbal about it. I would love to see this, and if the fan base approves a further petition. They’re trying to call 300,000 voices, I think it’s at two or three thousand right now. If they could get the petition together I would be very happy to put in front of decision makers in the company, the key stakeholders, and say ‘Look here. This is how it is, let’s make it now.’”

The future of the TimeSplitters series has looked undecided since developer Free Radical was bought out of administration in 2008 by Crytek. Tristan Reidford, designer of previous title, TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, also spread doubt, stating that “without stellar sales figures a further TimeSplitters game was going to be a tough one to sell to publishers.”

The online petition can be viewed here, and currently sits at 44,077 signatures.




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