360 version of CoD4 facing patch delay

cod4shotIf there’s one thing that’s obnoxious about Call of Duty 4 (and in my opinion there is only one thing wrong) is that the game’s multiplayer system carries with it a very dated hosting system that links the entire game to whomever the server delegates the host at the beginning of a match. As a result, whenever that player leaves, the entire match gets thrown out of whack.

This usually isn’t a problem in the middle of a game as people only very rarely quit in the middle, due simply to the fact that it’s so much damn fun. However, it can get annoying when you meet a group of players you like playing with, and then you get disconnected and never hear from them again.

Infinity Ward is working on the problem though, and according to a new post by Infinity Ward Community Manager "402" the company is putting the final touches on a new system that is more up to date with modern multiplayer games. Now the server will be able to choose the next best connection and switch the hosting to that player if the original host drops out.

They’re working hard to get this done, but it seems that they’ve run into some bugs on the Xbox 360 version of the patch, and it will require additional testing and work to make it ready for release. They have changed the release window for that patch from "soon" to "We’ll let you know."

[Via MyGen]


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