60GB PlayStation 3 still hot

ps3The 60GB PS3 days are limited. They were pulled from production because Sony thought they didn’t appeal to anyone, and thus, they released the less capable, cheaper-for-a-reason 40GB PlayStation 3.

Well for some reason, the impotence of the 40GB PlayStation 3 may be making the now limited 60GB PlayStation 3 into a hot buy.

As of last night, Best Buy was still stocked up with a lot of 60GB PlayStation 3s. In less than a 24-hour turn around, they have all vanished and now brandish a shocking "sold-out" label on its website page.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that they are selling the "big daddy" (which PS3 owners will ironically never see because they don’t have BioShock) 80GB PS3 for the same $499.99… yet it was the 60GB PS3 that sold like free hotcakes. Go figure.

Maybe it’s the limited availability that makes them more appealing? Or maybe there is some millionaire messing with everyone’s mind and forcing all these weird trends in PlayStation 3 sales as he builds a super computer for himself so he can calculate his own theories for black holes.

All I know is, Sony should stick to one game plan, because the cost of making new packaging is probably more than it’s worth at this point.


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