A message about the rest of the E3 articles

e3sunsetSo, what’s the deal with the rest of the E3 stuff? Honestly, I’m exhausted from a total of 8 hours of sleep over four nights, and over 15 miles walked over the course of three days (most of which while wearing a backpack containing a laptop, a camera, a video camera, several binders of press CDs, water bottles, and numerous random electronics and stuff in the event I needed them).

I have several (probably around 10-12, but I’m just guessing off the top of my head) hands-on previews to write up still. I will try to get those all done over the course of this weekend/Monday. I also have at least three other journal entries floating around in my mind, so those will be done, as well. I just need to rest for a day (or at least half a day) and let my back/neck recuperate, rest my hand from writing, and find out what happened at E3 that I was too busy to read or see.

At this time, I’d like to thank (and give shout outs to) all of the awesome guys and girls who helped out at E3 by showing me things, giving me more assets/info than others since I was covering it solo, and made food or let me rest.

I’d like to thank Neil over at Step-3, Aram and Sammy at Atlus, Jino and Andrew at EA, Chris and John at Microsoft, Brian and Tamara at D3, all of the guys at the Indie showcase, Doug at SCEA, Elvin at Ubi, Taina and Ryan at SOE, Jennie at Sega, Pete and Todd at Bethesda, Reid and Tim at Midway, Chris at Golin-Harris, Stanley at Eidos, Marco and Terrell at the Fairmont, Rob at Sandbox and the rest of the Gamecock EIEIO crew, Monica at Ogilvy, Marc and Parnaz at Konami, Jeffrey and the other former GN guys for telling how great of a job we’re doing now, Nao from NISAmerica, Doug at Valve, Arne at Edelman, and all of the various developers, QA people and other workers who weren’t required to speak to the press or let people play the games on display, but let me do both anyway. I’d also like to thank anyone I forgot, since I’m sure I missed a few not having my stack of cards or binder in front of me.

Of course, I’d also like to thank Frank for putting up with constant "Get this done!" calls or text messages from me, and all of the GN writers who helped cover some of the E3 news I couldn’t get to or have time to cover.

Last but not least, I’d like to thank anyone who read any of the journals or previews, and the various readers who sent me PMs and emails just saying hi in order to take some of the stress off of the week.

E3 may be over, but my coverage of it will be going on another few days. Stick around at GN for some more goodies; I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.


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