A possible Lost Odyssey 2?

lost odysseyI am a huge RPG fan and I have not yet had a chance to play Lost Odyssey because of my poor decision of letting my cousin in Florida borrow it for a few weeks.

But once I get that baby back, I’m going to be all over that game! So fans of Lost Odyssey might feel a bit happier when the first rumblings of a sequel, which orginates from a Japanese report on site Nikkei Trendy.net, came up a few hours ago.

According to the site, Microsoft has been quoted as saying that it’s happy with the Blue Dragon follow-up’s 100k sales in the Far East and that "the series will grow as time goes on."

Lost Odyssey is the second Xbox 360 exclusive RPG from Final Fantasy’s creator-man, Hironobu Sakaguchi. Since Microsoft was happy with the sales of Blue Dragon in Japan, they are banking on a similar, if not more popular reception for Lost Odyssey.

With such masterminds as Sakaguchi and Uematsu working on future Xbox 360 RPGs, Microsoft might be looking for their own Final Fantasy-like blockbuster franchise. The whole push of the 360 towards the Japanese market has been a long, often uneventful struggle, but if they can get the talent for the next one, perhaps Japan will give Microsoft another shot.

via [cvg]


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