Advent Children US Release Date

The CG movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII, titled “Advent Children,” has been delayed time and time again. After a successful launch in Japan, the last known US release date was the end of November 2005. This date was pulled for the fourth time and pushed to a vague ‘February’ date. Final Fantasy fans everywhere held their breath, again, hoping for some word of a US release or reason for the delay. Square-Enix has finally delivered. In an official press release, Square-Enix has listed April 25th for the simultaneous release of the DVD 2-disc set, that is quoted to be, “exploding with bonus materials, including a story digest, deleted scenes, a “Making Of” featurette,” and a UMD version of the disc for PSP systems. The DVD set will sell for a suggested list price of $26.96 and the UMD version is listed at $28.96. There are also rumors of a bonus set including both the DVD and UMD discs together in one package. These rumors are unconfirmed at this point in time. Even more interestingly, Sony Home Entertainment has booked some top-notch voice acting for the English dubbed version. Steve Burton, who played the voice of Cloud Strife in Kingdom Hearts, will reprise his role as Cloud in the movie. Also booked are Rachel Leigh Cook (as Tifa) and Mena Suvari (as Aerith). Sony’s considerable clout in Hollywood appears to have paid off for Final Fantasy fans everywhere. We can all look forward to what we hope, is a finalized date for the English dubbed US release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. After seeing the Japanese version, we can safely say that it will be worth the (considerable) wait.


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