Al Lowe Laughs Again!

Recently news has arisen that gaming legend Al Lowe is at it again.

Al Lowe is probably best known for the beloved and/or heavily protested Leisure Suit Larry game series. With a flair for the rude, obnoxious, crude and ultimately hilarious, this kooky developer has been off the radar for over seven years. But now he’s back in it. Having formed the new company by the name of iBase Entertainment, Al Lowe is hard at work planning a brand new game that is falls into the "Action Comedy" category. It is genre that needs to be more fully explored in the gaming world, in my humble opinion.

The new game is called Sam Suede: Undercover Exposure, and as you can see right away from the title, this won’t be a serious game, in fact they’re aiming to be more modern day, rude and funnier than ever before (which is hard to believe). Here’s a quote from a recent interview describing the kind of gameplay to be found in Sam Suede.

The easiest comparison would be that where action games today have violence as their currency, we have humor. So picture every place that you would shoot somebody or slice somebody open or something else. Instead, put in a laugh there. That,s what we,re going to do. So there,s going to be guards, but instead of slitting their throats, you’ll give them a wedgie. And instead of conversations with long cutscenes, we’ll have humorous dialogue with conversation trees, which may be a carryover from the old adventure games and RPGs."

For a game including Metal Gear Solid style ‘stealth takedowns’ with wedgies, it’s still an ambitious project. With a huge focus in the gaming industry based around shooters, ultra-violence, super serious plots, and political tension, it’s nice to see a shot in the dark for something more ‘fun’ and different. Not only is Al Lowe trying to reinvent the comedy game genre, but he’s started this new company to make many games of this ilk, and they’re already planning sequels, so get ready for a long hard gut-laugh and pick up Sam Suede in 2007.


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