Aliens vs. Predator multiplayer trailer shows Aliens fighting Predators


A new multiplayer focused trailer has been released for Aliens vs. Predator, the latest installment in the franchise, developed by Rebellion, the company that created the first game on PC. The trailer showcases some of the modes and gameplay elements from the upcoming shooter, and it looks to be a pretty fun multiplayer shooter.

The game will feature modes such as regular single species deathmatch, where only one race is allowed, species versus, allowing two races, and multi species deathmatch where it is a race free for all. The trailer goes on to flesh out a special mode where one player is a Predator and the other players are Marines. The marines have to hunt down the Predator, while that player has to take them out. The trailer shows the Predator jumping from pillar to pillar and using their claws, staves, and cannons against the Marines in an all out hunt, while the Marines are armed with pure firepower and the signature motion sensor. Looks very cool.

One notable aspect missing from the trailer is how the Aliens play. It shows snippets of other characters being killed by Aliens, like a Marine being gutted by their razor tails or the enticing image above, but no HUD elements or gameplay from their viewpoint. It does hint that special Alien kills show it from the victim’s perspective bringing an interesting aspect to the race.

Check out the trailer here to see the multiplayer horror shooter in action.



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