Alone in the Dark Nominated for a Razzie

Sometimes, things should be left alone. Take for instance, film director Uwe Boll. For those of us who may not be familiar with Mr. Boll, he directed the film, Alone in the Dark. The movie was based upon the video game series of the same title. The Alone in the Dark games were not, so to speak, great games. But the idea of making a mediocre game into a movie is puzzling at best. What were the rewards for Mr. Boll™s creative endeavors in the movie? He has been nominated for the dubious award of The Golden Raspberry. Think of the Razzie award as the evil twin of the Academy Awards™ Oscar trophy. The 26th Annual Razzie Awards will take place on Saturday, March 4 at 7:30pm PST Razzies are handed out for the worst accomplishments in movie making. Among those awards— worst film director. Guess who received a nomination? Good ~ol Boll, that™s who. But he wasn™t the only one in this distinct cadre of stinkers. Add to the nomination list, Nora Ephron for ~Bewitched, John Asher for Dirty Love, Lawrence Gutterman for Son of Love, and our personal favorite at GamerNode, Jay Chandrasekhar for The Dukes of Hazzard. So while good games have the potential to become good films, not-so-good-games rarely become good movies. Take for instance, Mr. Boll™s latest venture into translating a video game title to the big screen; BloodRayne. To say that the movie was not very well received is to be extremely kind. Let™s just say that the movie was showing at theaters, but no one bothered to go see it. There™s something wrong here. Are the movie studios truly thinking that just because a movie is made from a game, that gamers will mindlessly pay cash to see these films? If so, they are hugely mistaken.


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