American McGee's Grimm. Lots of kid killing

aliceAs if there wasn’t enough controversy surrounding violence in video games, game producer American McGee, responsible for the cult hit Alice and the not so cult hit, Bad Day LA , is working on a new game that will have its theme based on the universe of Grimm’s fairy tales.

Unknown to some of the public, Grimm’s fairy tales are not really the cute bedtime stories that many associate them with. The original versions were quite horrific and filled with violence.

Good old McGee says that he wants to bring back the original themes of these stories into his new game.

"The teeth have been removed from them- effectively rendering their morals and messages mute. Until the threat is re-instated, what’s the point? And that’s Grimm’s mission in a nutshell: return overly-sweet tales to their original forms – full of harm, hurt, and revenge."

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? But to give you a better idea of what to expect in the game, McGee gives some details on what you’ll see.

"Children are run over by carts, fall to their deaths, crushed by church bells, trampled by animals, drowned, burned, and otherwise mangled, mashed, and murdered in almost every episode. Case in point, a campfire that transforms into a roasting baby:"

All we can say is get ready for lots of indignant anti-game sentiment from the Jack Thompson Merry Marching Society and children advocacy groups.



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