Are you ready to rumble? Sony says, "No."

PS3ControllerButtonRecent stories have been reported about how Sony is partnering up with Immersion, the inventors of rumble technology, in working out a deal to make new feedback controllers for the PS3.

So, are the rumors true? Will we finally feel the jolt from the new PS3 controllers when we fire off our LAW rocket launchers? The answer from Sony is, "No."

David Karraker, Sony’s director of corporate communications killed the hopes of rumble addicted fans and said to GamePro that the company has "not added rumble [to PS3 controllers] and have no announcements regarding this feature."

So are they doing anything to improve the SixAxis? Karraker said, "From time to time, we make minor enhancements to the controllers for our platforms. We recently sent out to the development community some new prototypes that have a slightly enhanced sensitivity for the analogue sticks and motion sensing within the Sixaxis controller."

Well, if it’s any comfort to us, Sony also denied any price drops for the PS3, denied that they were phasing out the 60GB model in the US, denied that there would be a delay in the European launch of the PS3, denied that the PS3 was too expensive and of course, now denies that there will be a rumble feature for PS3 controllers.

From the looks of their track record in denying things, there’s probably a good chance that the rumble feature will return to the PS3. As Karraker said, they "have no announcements regarding this feature," but we might as well add "yet," to his comment for good measure.


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