As if Majora's Mask wasn't creepy enough…

Link burning MM


I remember, as a 12-year-old, having to mute the sound as I started through the Shadow Temple in Ocarina of Time because it freaked me out. This, ladies and gentlemen, goes far beyond that.

A week ago, a 4chan member made a posting in the forum’s paranormal section. The story, whether true or not, is enough to put chills down your spine.

The basic gist of the story has a college sophomore getting a free Nintendo 64 from a friend and a beat-up copy of Majora’s Mask from some old man. The cartridge may or may not be haunted. That’s up to you to decide.

Honestly, you’re going to need about an hour’s worth of free time to dedicate to reading the story, which might be less believable had videos not been provided.

Common sense tells you it’s all a well-played hoax (and it very well may be), but it sure is a lot more fun to believe it’s legitimate.

I suggest taking this to task in the later hours of the night, while playing this on repeat.

[Here’s the full (and creepy) story]


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