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By Andy Groen, February 20, 2008 0 GN

Cataclysmic despair! At one of Microsoft’s show floor booths at GDC an Xbox 360 console actually just got the red ring of death. Short of Bill Gates coming down from on high to say the "PS3 rules," I can’t imagine… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 15, 2008 0 GN

The BBC is reporting that in the UK, talks are in place attempting to force Internet Service Providers to ban users from the internet if they illegally download files. Representatives of Parliament note that the plan is still in the… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 15, 2008 0 GN

Apparently, Microsoft learned a lesson or two during the last year of Wii gaming dominance, because now out of nowhere some huge Xbox 360 supply shortages are popping up. managed to scrounge up some quotes from Microsoft’s Entertainment and… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 12, 2008 0 GN

Hang on tight, because if you don’t this one could knock you for a loop. Electronic Arts, yes, as in EA, the ruthless mega corporation we’ve seen slowly take over videogame companies over the past few console generations, has said… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 12, 2008 0 GN

There’s a news report coming out of Omaha, Nebraska’s KETV that’s claiming to make a link between violent behavior and videogames. The basis for the story is a new study coming out of the Indiana School of Medicine, spouting some… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 9, 2008 0 GN

Sony has been saying it for years, but it looks like the developers are finally agreeing with them. For the longest time they’ve been telling us about the "true power" of the PS3. They are even beginning to understand what… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 8, 2008 0 GN

Those black-hearted, forked-tongued, four-toed, slimy-skinned game makers are at it again! The New York Times is reporting that a new organization formed by the ESA will begin monitoring politicians and making donations to politicians who support gaming. And guess what…a… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 5, 2008 0 GN

If Microsoft thought they were just going to waltz into Yahoo headquarters, plop down a check for a measely $44.6 billion, and walk away with a new internet property, then they’ve got another thing coming. The first problem, according to… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 5, 2008 0 GN

Microsoft’s current project intended to secure another twenty years of dominance in the home computer market, the tabletop PC, is now set for release this Spring. The product was originally going to begin with a limited release at the end… Read More »

By Andy Groen, February 2, 2008 0 Features

GameDaily has published a list of the ten games that are most likely to lead to the end of a relationship. It’s a pretty solid list. The mainstays are there along with the obvious ones you’d expect; World of Warcraft… Read More »