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By Dan McKenney, April 27, 2012 3 GN, Videos

Update: Ubisoft has issued the following statement regarding the leaked trailer: “An internal video showing images of Rayman Origins’ sequel has leaked over the Internet. This video was intended as a purely internal demonstrative video, and in NO way represents… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 27, 2012 0 GN, Videos

After months of rumors and speculation, Sony has finally unveiled its Super Smash Bros-esque brawler, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. Developed by SuperBot, a brand new studio hand-picked for this game, Battle Royale features four-player battles in PlayStation-inspired worlds. The current… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 19, 2012 0 GN

Prey 2 is still alive and kicking, says Bethesda, but it won’t be released in 2012. In a short and sudden statement today, the publisher quickly dismissed rumors of the game’s cancellation, but also said development hasn’t “progressed satisfactorily” over… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 17, 2012 0 GN

Thanks to some “silliness” in handing out Beta invites over the weekend, Uber Entertainment has decided to release Super Monday Night Combat today. That means you can go download the free-to-play sequel on Steam right now. Posting on the company… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 17, 2012 1 GN

In a statement this morning, Microsoft announced that Halo 4 will launch worldwide on November 6, 2012.  Calling the release a “new beginning” for the franchise, Microsoft also said Halo 4 is the first in what’s sure to be a… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 15, 2012 0 Previews

Take the core elements of the Rock Band series (playing with 4-5 members in a band), subtract the plastic instruments, add a whole lot of chaos, and you’ve got Harmonix’s next title: Rock Band Blitz. Hearkening back to previous Harmonix titles, Amplitude and Frequency, Blitz puts… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, April 4, 2012 0 Features

PAX East 2012 is upon us, and gamers across the country are packing their bags and heading off for Beantown once again for three days of games, music, comics, and friends. If you’re coming to Boston this weekend, congrats! You… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, March 28, 2012 0 GN

Former employees of GAME stores based in Ireland are currently sleeping inside the recently closed shops after being denied the same back pay and redundancy benefits offered to GAME’s UK staff. On Monday, 277 GAME Group stores closed immediately after… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, March 23, 2012 0 VG Review

Catastrophic earthquakes have destroyed all of civilization’s accomplishments. Subway cars span concrete chasms, giant ships from the harbor now rest in the middle of once-busy city streets, and railways intertwine with downed skyscrapers. Dust storms ravage the lower streets, and… Read More »

By Dan McKenney, March 22, 2012 0 GN, Videos

Media Molecule and United Front Games are teaming up to combine two great tastes that (hopefully) go well together in the form of LittleBigPlanet Karting for the PlayStation 3. Siobhan Reddy, studio director at Media Molecule, announced the collaboration today with… Read More »