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360 Guitar Hero II Guitar is PC Compatible

By Eddie Inzauto, April 7, 2007 0 GN

Guitar Hero II on the Xbox 360 ships with a controller that has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Not only is it guitar-shaped (obviously), but it also works on Windows PCs, much like the wired Xbox 360… Read More »

Florida Bar Slaps Jack Thompson Once Again

By Eddie Inzauto, April 6, 2007 0 GN

Jack Thompson, who is already facing one disciplinary hearing from the Florida Bar, is now getting hit with another. This time, it is in regard to last year’s Bully suit. The judge presiding over that hearing has filed complaints about… Read More »

Company of Heroes Sequel Announced

By Eddie Inzauto, April 6, 2007 0 GN

Well, we all saw this one coming. First of all, the game is about WWII, so it is automatically entitled to 37 sequels. Secondly, it was widely considered one of the best PC games of 2006. THQ has announced Company… Read More »

Second Life to Offer Custom Names for $$$

By Eddie Inzauto, April 5, 2007 0 GN

Thus far in the world of Second Life, names are chosen in a very controlled manner. Players can create their own first name, but have to choose from a list of pre-defined last names. I tried my luck with this… Read More »

No Super Paper Mario for Europe Yet?

By Eddie Inzauto, April 5, 2007 0 GN

Nintendo of Europe updated its Q2 release list today, and VERY conspicuous in its absence is the highly anticipated Super Paper Mario. Here in the States, that game is less than a week away from store shelves, so for it… Read More »

Peter Molyneux Honored with Knighthood

By Eddie Inzauto, April 5, 2007 0 GN

Last month, the French government honored Lionhead Studios’ head, Peter Molyneux, with the Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et de Lettres. As of March 12, 2007, Mr. Molyneux is now a knight in the Order of Arts and Letters, and… Read More »

No Cross-Platform Multiplayer for Quake Wars

By Eddie Inzauto, April 4, 2007 0 GN

id Software’s Kevin Cloud has revealed that Enemy Territory: Quake Wars will NOT feature cross-platform play. While the title will be available for the PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, console players will not be able to compete against PC… Read More »

Wii-make of Resident Evil 4 Confirmed

By Eddie Inzauto, April 4, 2007 0 GN

It appears that the rumored, mystery Resident Evil title in the works for the Nintendo Wii is indeed a Resident Evil 4 remake. Destructoid is reporting that the latest issue of Famitsu has not only confirmed the game’s existence, but… Read More »

Microsoft Improves 360 Warranty Service

By Eddie Inzauto, April 4, 2007 0 GN

As of late, Microsoft has been working hard to change the way consumers look at its customer support, and to take care of all of the problems that its hardware has been plagued with. The most recent step taken is… Read More »

Metroid Prime 3 Coming Later than June

By Eddie Inzauto, April 4, 2007 0 GN

Speaking with Newsweek, Nintendo of America’s president and modern day icon Reggie Fils-Amie dropped a bit of info that much of the gaming community had already been anticipating. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption will not see a release until the latter… Read More »